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Should A Bot Have to Tell You It’s a Bot?
With humans and automation sharing many customer care responsibilities, the answer’s not totally straightforward
At any point, are you concerned that the agent has perhaps not fully understood your situation before making this recommendation? Would your comfort level change if you knew that the agent was, in fact, a rules-based, machine-driven chatbot?

A.I. Is Harder Than You Think
A nice opinion piece on the current state of AI and especially its limitations. The article discusses, what we initially expected or still do expect from AI and what’s actually available in the form of applications.
The field of artificial intelligence doesn’t lack for ambition. In January, Google’s chief executive, Sundar Pichai, claimed in an interview that A.I. “is more profound than, I dunno, electricity or fire.”

Amazon Teams Up With Government to Deploy Dangerous New Facial Recognition Technology
The ACLU has acquired marketing materials and documents that hint at a quite worrying development: Amazon is actively marketing it’s facial recognition system ‘Rekognition’ to governments and especially for government surveillance. There even is a list of actual customers, a handful of cities, that currently deploys the said technology.

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